Origins of The Spa

Partners of Fieldstone Spa

Origins of Fieldstone Spa……How Fieldstone Farm became The Spa at Fieldstone

Fieldstone Spa, not surprisingly, is the product of people, place and inspiration.

THREE, it’s an odd number but for the 3 Business Partners of Fieldstone Spa it works, and it’s not odd at all.
In fact, together, the 3 of us have created an experience of peace, healing and relaxation.
We cannot be more proud. Our community, where we live and raise our families and grow, has embraced us not only as Woman in Business but as leaders in Health & Wellness!
Although between the three of us we have a lot to say and share, none of us have the words to express the gratitude we feel. Your loyalty & support is the only reason we can be successful & together the 3 of us turns into so much more…


Partners of Fieldstone Spa


The genesis of Fieldstone Spa involved some dreaming, some planning and, as always, some good fortune. The people who made it happen came from various walks of life, from here and from away, but all having an interest in people and wellness. The inspiration to create Fieldstone Spa evolved from fifteen years of shared experiences, conversations, dreams and plans between these four people – Cindy & George Orser, Kate Wenchel and Alisha O’Reilly.
Kate Wenchel and Alisha O’Reilly were raised in Northumberland County and had years of experience in the practice of spa management & ownership , spa therapies, and experts in advanced skin care. Cindy Orser, owner of ’Fieldstone Farm’ came from away, most recently Toronto, and had long dreamed of owning an old farm in the countryside. When she purchased the farm with her husband it was sorely neglected and in a relatively serious state of disrepair, but it had good bones and a beautiful view of Lake Ontario and the surrounding hills. The prominence of the exposed original stone walls, the warmth of the large stone fireplace and the abundance of windows combined to make this a perfect environment for gatherings of all kinds.
The magic of a stone farmhouse is found, not just in the raw beauty and energy of stone, but in the fact that it was raised from the very ground it stands on, built with the stones picked from the surrounding fields. Stone buildings remain a source of comfort and security as they stand timeless in the face of constant change and disruption. So, if you believe that a country spa should provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, then what better environment than a solid old stone farmhouse that provides comfort, security and a fundamental connection to the natural world.
As Cindy was exploring the next stage of her career,  Kate and Alisha were exploring the next stages their spa business. Looking for a unique location to operate ‘The Spa’, with a long-standing desire to offer more for their clients – more of an experience. Of course a facility that offers the ability to take advantage of their increasing experience, skills & reputation in the local spa industry, and expand their expertise in Eminence Organic Skincare products and treatments was also imperative. The result was a shared vision of ‘The Spa’, situated at ‘Fieldstone Farm’, which would focus on organic skin care, relaxation, rejuvenation of spirit and renewal of connections to the world of nature. The Spa at Fieldstone – it was a dream – and we took the plunge!
Serious discussion and planning happened in 2015 and 2016 in preparation for an anticipated 2017 opening of The Spa at Fieldstone. We decided to focus on what we felt was a missing niche in the spa market. We had a strong vision & passion, we weren’t perfect, but we had the best therapists in town and we had a unique, beautiful facility. The first year of operation confirmed the demand for this particular type of day spa and has fuelled plans for enhancing the experience. We may have opened a new business, but we’ve done that with the areas best & experienced therapists, the comfort in that expertise is felt as soon as you’re welcomed at the front steps. The team at Fieldstone Spa is constantly looking to improve existing services and identify new services that remain true to the principles of wellness, skin care and relaxation. Providing increased access to the old barns and the surrounding rural property will greatly expand the possible experiences for Fieldstone Spa’s customers, not to mention our continued support with other local complimenting businesses.
After all, it is more than just a spa, it’s an experience.  

We are so looking forward to this next year and beyond!    Our clients give us more and more energy as they come to the spa, see the beauty, and share their experience! It was them that gave us our tag line – …. it’s more than just a spa ….  

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